What's Next?, The City of Durham sought direction on the strategic plan's existing goals and where to focus future efforts through a survey during November and December, 2014.

Thanks for taking time to share your input which will help shape the strategy utilized for accomplishing each goal. The next step is to have focus groups to help discuss what we learned through the survey. If you are interested in participating in a focus group, email Josh.Edwards@DurhamNC.Gov, the City's Strategic Initiatives Manager. With your help, new initiatives are going to be developed that will help realize the City's vision where Durham is the leading city in providing an excellent and sustainable quality of life.

For more information about the City's Strategic Plan, visit www.DurhamNC.gov/StrategicPlan or e-mail Josh.Edwards@DurhamNC.gov or call 919-560-4111

Strategic Plan Goals

Hyperlink to Goal 1 - Strong & Diverse Economy

Strong & Diverse Economy

Hyperlink to Goal 2 - Safe & Secure Community

Safe & Secure Community

Hyperlink to Goal 3 - Thriving Livable Neighborhoods

Thriving, Livable Neighborhoods

Hyperlink to Goal 4 - Well Managed City


Hyperlink to Goal 5 - Stewardship of Citys Physical Assets

Stewardship of City's Physical Assets