Durham's Got It!, the City's Strategic Plan, is a roadmap to set direction for the future, guide decision making and resource allocation, enabling Durham to be the leader in providing an excellent and sustainable quality of life.

This plan identifies five goals, adopted by City Council, to advance over the next three years. To learn more about how we are measuring our progress in each of these goals, simply click on one of the indicators to go directly to that goal, its objectives, and its progress to date. You can also view Weekly Crime Statistics.

For first time visitors or for additional information about the Strategic Plan, visit www.DurhamNC.gov/StrategicPlan or e-mail StrategicPlan@DurhamNC.gov.  Interactive and Printable Bi-Annual Report FY 2014.  The next publishing date is February 2015.   Previous Bi-Annual Reports

Strategic Plan Goals

Hyperlink to Goal 1 - Strong & Diverse Economy

Strong & Diverse Economy

Hyperlink to Goal 2 - Safe & Secure Community

Safe & Secure Community

Hyperlink to Goal 3 - Thriving Livable Neighborhoods

Thriving, Livable Neighborhoods

Hyperlink to Goal 4 - Well Managed City


Hyperlink to Goal 5 - Stewardship of Citys Physical Assets

Stewardship of City's Physical Assets