Durham One Call

Durham One Call Does It All 560-1200

When to Contact Durham One Call for Assistance

General Information

  • City holiday schedules
  • Recycling information
  • Special event information
  • Payment methods
  • City office hours
  • Basic information about Durham (historical sites, local colleges, local hospitals, etc.)

General Appearance

  • Trash, junk, or debris on City right-of-way
  • Overgrown vegetation blocking signage, line-of-sight, etc.
  • Street light repair, maintenance, timing and/or light requests
  • Mowing and/or litter removal needed on City-owned property
  • Street cleaning (general sweeping, debris in the street, trash spill, etc.)
  • Graffiti on City-owned property

Water Services

  • City and County water service
  • Water quality issues
  • Water conservation
  • Water and sewer maintenance

Garbage Collection and Recycling Services

  • Replacement carts
  • Yard waste issues
  • Missed pickup
  • Recycling issues

Neighborhood Clean Up

  • Abandoned, junked and hazardous vehicles on private property
  • Open and vacant structures
  • Deteriorated housing
  • Substandard housing
  • Overgrown grass and weeds

Potholes and Other Roadway Appearance Concerns

  • Curb and gutter maintenance
  • Flooded or icy streets and bridges
  • Limbs or trees in the streets
  • Broken pavement, potholes, sidewalk, and sinkhole repair
  • Requests for speed humps, speed limit reduction and/or traffic control signals

Durham Area Transit Authority (DATA)

  • Bus schedules and departures
  • Fares and group discounts
  • Comments about service
  • Lost and found
  • Access for disabled citizens