Bicycle & Pedestrian Information

The City of Durham's Transportation Department is responsible for planning or pedestrian and bicycle facilities, and works with Public Works on design and implementation of these facilities. The department also partners with Parks and Recreation and General Services to improve on-road connections to parks and trails, and works to develop education and encouragement programs that promote walking and bicycling.

By prioritizing the development of a comfortable and connected pedestrian and bicycle network for all ages and abilities, the City is working to increase the effectiveness of the overall transportation system, improve public health, reduce traffic injuries and ensure that residents continue to enjoy a high quality of life in Durham.


  • Learn more about our current bicycle and pedestrian projects.
  • Check out the adopted plans that put these projects into the pipeline by visiting our Adopted Plans page.
  • Want to see where future bike and pedestrian projects will be, or want to see where you can ride today? Check out our Maps page.
  • Check out our Other Resources page to learn more about our local commissions and other bicycle resources such as location suggestions for bicycle racks
  • To report a non-emergency problem or safety concern with a sidewalk, bike path or other facility, contact Durham One Call


For information about bicycle and pedestrian projects, you can contact Hannah Reynolds via email.