DurhamWalks! Pedestrian Plan (2006)

The DurhamWalks! Pedestrian Plan was adopted by the Durham City Council in September 2006. The purpose of the DurhamWalks! plan is to assess existing pedestrian infrastructure, recommend safe and accessible pedestrian networks (sidewalks, trails, and intersections), and recommend new pedestrian-related programs and policies.

Map Atlas
The DurhamWalks! plan also includes a map atlas. These maps show the location of sidewalks and other pedestrian facilities (such as hard-surface trails) as they existed during the pedestrian inventory that began in July 2005. Download the DurhamWalks Map Atlas (PDF) for more information.

Plan Revisions
In 2011, revisions were made to the DurhamWalks! Plan, which was originally adopted in 2006. One purpose of the plan is to provide a priority ranking of street segments where new sidewalks are needed based on a set of objective criteria. The criteria were revised by the City Council in November 2011 to give greater weight to sidewalks near schools and parks/recreation centers and to update some of the other criteria information, such as the location of crashes involving pedestrians.

A total of 235 projects were ranked using the revised criteria. To develop a funding priority list, the top 52 projects were screened to exclude projects which had identified funding sources. The remaining unfunded 24 projects were then adopted by the City Council as the Unfunded Sidewalk Construction Priority List, which is used to seek federal, State and local funding and to implement projects as such funding becomes available.

Revision Downloads