Looking for a relaxing place to ride your bike? Hoping to figure out the best path for your commute? Need to find a place to park your bike? Want to know where sidewalks are being built? Want to get out and hike on the weekend? The following user-friendly maps will help orient you to the bicycle-friendly streets of Durham and the City’s abundance of paved and natural-surface trails.

Capital Improvements Proposed in Budget 

The Transportation Department has included capital improvement projects in the City Manager's Proposed Budget for fiscal year 2024. We encourage residents to provide their input on the funding recommendations at the Monday City Council Meeting in person or online. View the map, table, and City Council Budget presentation for the proposed projects below. 

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FY24 Capital Improvement Projects Table

5/24 City Council Budget Presentation Capital Improvement Project information can be found on pages 63 and 64 of this document.

Existing and Future Bike Facilities

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Existing and Future Pedestrian Facilities


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Other Maps

Durham Bike & Hike Map

The recently updated Bike and Hike Map displays options for bicycling and hiking in the City of Durham as well as portions of surrounding Durham and Orange counties. It highlights multi-use paths, on-road bicycle facilities such as bike lanes, low-traffic (and stress!) streets, and higher speed roads best utilized by experienced and confident riders. It also displays steep hills, parks, bicycle shops, trailheads/parking, schools, libraries, major shopping locations, transportation centers, and other points of interest.

American Tobacco Trail Maps

This (external) website, hosted by Triangle Rails to Trails Conservancy, has maps and information about the American Tobacco Trail, including a history of the project and links to other trails in Durham and the surrounding Triangle region.

Bike Fixit Station Map

There are eight bike Fixit stations throughout Durham. These service stations provide all the necessary tools to perform bike repairs and maintenance, including a tire pump. The two downtown Durham Fixit stations are conveniently located next to bike parking on the first floor of the Corcoran Street Parking Garage and Chapel Hill Street Parking Garage. This external Fixit station map is managed by Dero.

Durham Bike Parking Map

The map above displays approximate locations of bike parking facilities in Durham, NC. Facilities are conventional, short-term bike racks unless otherwise specified.  Most racks are the "Inverted U" style, which can support 2 bikes per element. You can find more bike parking options on Duke University's Campus.

To increase bike parking, the City of Durham has a Bicycle Rack Program for placing new bicycle racks, usually only on public property, on sidewalks or at parks, schools, and other government buildings. For more information, visit the Bicycle Rack Program webpage