Water Use & Efficiency Assessment

Phone consultation

The safety and well being of our customers and our employees is always our priority. We encourage customers to take advantage of a no-cost phone consultation with our Water Efficiency program Staff where we can address water efficiency and leak detection concerns. To schedule a consultation please complete our request form

If you find that you need additional assistance, we can conduct in-home Water Use Assessments. Please note that Water Efficiency staff will wear masks and appropriate personal protection equipment during the visit.

Water Use Assessment

The purpose of the Water Use Assessment (also called a Water Audit) is to identify leaks and evaluate a customer's current consumption and water use patterns in single-family homes and small businesses. A water use assessment also serves to educate customers about the wise use of water, and to make their homes and businesses as water efficient as possible.

Key benefits to customers include leak detection and the possibility of reduced water/sewer bills.

During the assessment, a visual inspection is performed on all water using fixtures and appliances. Flow rates for plumbing fixtures are measured and leaks are identified. Our conservation staff can make valuable recommendations on repairs or retrofits and water efficient techniques to save money on your water bill. Here is what you can expect when you have a water use assessment conducted at your home or small business:

  • Fixtures and devices are evaluated for water efficiency
  • Complimentary low-flow aerators and showerheads, if needed, are provided (at no additional charge)
  • Recommendations are made on how to make changes in water usage habits and behaviors to maximize water conservation and efficiency in your home or small business
Please note, there is a $25 fee for this service; the fee is applied directly to your water bill.

If you have an unusually high water bill or would simply like to reduce the water consumption in your home or business, request a Water Use Assessment online or by calling conservation staff at 919-560-4381. 

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