Comprehensive Parking Studies

The final reports for the City of Durham Comprehensive Parking Study and the Ninth Street Parking Study have been completed by Kimley-Horn and Associates, Inc. and the City of Durham. The report is now available for public view.

The City of Durham has performed a comprehensive examination of the existing parking system to be in a position to provide an improved experience to hose that work, visit, and live in Durham. These documents outline the process and results of the City of Durham Comprehensive Parking Studies, with emphasis placed on the Downtown and Ninth Street study areas. The studies were performed by documenting existing parking conditions and operational strategies, as well as projecting future parking demand based on a collaboration with:
  • City of Durham Staff
  • Downtown Business Owners and Stakeholders
  • Downtown Durham, Inc.
  • Durham County Staff
  • General Public
  • Ninth Street Business Owners and Stakeholders