Reclaimed Water

Treated wastewater bubbling over a ledge in the outflow section of the treatment plant.

Reclaimed Water Definition

Reclaimed water is wastewater that has undergone advanced tertiary treatment and meets state water quality rules. Uses for reclaimed water include irrigation, manufacturing processes, industrial cooling, street washing and dust control at construction sites, etc. For information, see our list of Frequently Asked Questions about Reclaimed Water.

How Reclaimed Water is Being Used

  • Decorative ponds and fountains
  • Dust control for construction
  • Fire fighting and fire extinguishing (users must meet Public Water Supply requirements)
  • Industrial and commercial toilet flush and fire prevention systems where there are separate, non-potable plumbing lines
  • Irrigation of public and private landscapes and turf
  • Make-up water for brine slurry (applied to roads to prevent freezing)
  • Make-up water for preparation of pesticide solutions
  • Non-potable processes such as concrete production and cooling water
  • Sewer cleaning (not washing)
  • Soil compaction for construction
  • Street sweeping (not street cleaning)
  • Vehicle washing


Our state permit allows us to make reclaimed water available at no charge to customers who take at least 250 gallons directly from the North Durham Water Reclamation Facility. The bulk reclaimed water project reduces the amount of drinking water that is used for non domestic purposes. While clean and safe for many uses, the law requires certain precautions for human contact. Only customers that have completed the required training may obtain permits for bulk reclaimed water from the North Durham Water Reclamation Facility. If you are interested in obtaining a permit, see the training schedule below. You may register for training by submitting a completed registration form. You may also complete the online registration form.

Training Schedule & Registration

Please Note: Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, all Reclaimed Water classes have been temporarily suspended.