Traffic & Safety Studies

In 2003, the City of Durham Department of Transportation began developing a procedural outline for instituting an Accident Reduction Program. This program identifies, implements, and monitors improvements to intersections with the intention of reducing fatalities, frequency of crashes, property damage, and injuries at intersections in the city.

This program strives to both treat existing dangerous intersections and proactively treat potential problems.

Results of Initiative

This new initiative has led to nearly 364 investigations. As a result of those investigations, 200 countermeasures have been implemented and 9 proposed countermeasures are pending due to funding, approval, or are in design.

Since inception, tracking data shows a 52% reduction in targeted crashes, 33% reduction in total intersection crashes, 49% reduction in injuries, and a 42% reduction in property damage. Durham’s effort to find and treat crashes has made a positive difference at locations treated with countermeasures. As these treatments are permanent the safety benefits will continue to accumulate into the future.

To learn more, view the most recent Accident Reduction Report.

Reporting Safety Problems

The Department of Transportation encourages the public to report safety problems. If you see a safety problem, contact Leslie Tracey by email or at 919-560-4366, ext. 36437.