Custom Maps and Data Layers

The purpose of this policy is to address the issues related to GIS data access, product availability, distribution methods, product and service costs, and distribution procedures. This policy will apply to all GIS Data available for public access in the City of Durham and Durham County.

GIS Data Access

Various departments in the City and the County maintain many layers of GIS digital data. These layers of information are available for public access in several different ways. Online "Public Access" is available for the public to browse selected layers of the GIS database and perform simple queries on the data over the Internet. Standard digital data and hard copy mapping products are available at the Tax Assessor's Office, Planning, Public Works, and the GIS Department.

Customized services are also available, through the GIS Department, for special data preparation, data conversion, data analysis, and application development.

Customized Services Cost

The GIS Division can provide customized services to customers if it is needed. Customized services include special data preparation, application development, data conversion, data analysis, etc. There is a $35 per hour service charge for staff time and customization, with a minimum charge of one hour. After the first one hour, charges will be in 30 minute increments. Customers will be provided with a cost estimate for each request.

Digital Data Distribution Methods

Digital Data Layers are available for download through the Open Data Site or Durham's FTP (File Transfer Protocols) site. To access the FTP site, customers must obtain permission and a logon code will be provided.

To order, customers can download a Digital Data Request form and Agreement (PDF) and email it to the department.