Fleet Management Department

The Fleet Management Department provides a full array of fleet services that support the departments that provide services to our residents. 

The services provided by Fleet Management include:
  • Acquisition/disposal
  • Asset management
  • Consulting
  • Equipment specification development
  • Fleet information and usage analysis
  • Fuel management
  • Parts and inventory compliance
  • Policy development
  • Preventive maintenance and equipment repair
  • Warranty management
The department consists of two divisions
  1. City of Durham Auction Announcement

    Virtual City Auction 2023

    If you’re looking for used vehicles, heavy equipment, and other items, mark your calendar to attend our June 19 virtual surplus property auction. Read on...
  2. Fleet truck with 100 best fleets recognition

    Fleet Management Places 21st on 100 Best Fleets List for 2023

    We're among the NAFA Fleet Management Association Best 100 Fleets! Thanks to our 42 Fleet Management employees who manage City vehicle inspections, track parts, oversee fuel locations & more! Read on...
  3. Fleet Intern speaking with Fire Maintenance Supervisor

    Fleet Management Welcomes First Student Intern with Plans to Add More

    Fleet Management's first intern, Qwinton Fontenelle is celebrating the halfway mark in his Data Analysis internship where he examines data trends that help Fleet supervisors make decisions about how technicians can better service City vehicles. Read on...
  4. Kelly Powers repairing a heavy duty vehicle.

    Heavy Team Spotlight

    Our vehicles & equipment don’t fix themselves! Our Heavy team keeps our street sweepers & motor graders in shape! Street sweepers clean streets & keep contaminants from our drinking water. Motor graders help remove snow from streets & smooth dirt roads. Read on...
  5. City of Durham truck in a Durham neighborhood.

    National Biodiesel Day

    March 18th is the National Biodiesel Day. City of Durham has 1300+ City vehicles. Our Transportation, Public Works & Solid Waste vehicles collectively traveled more than 3 million miles in one year! Read on...
  6. James Minor completing a preventive maintenance on a vehicle.

    Service Team Spotlight

    Our vehicles include snow plows, buses, police cars, fire trucks & more. Our Fleet Management Department handles each vehicle's preventative maintenance schedule. Read on...
  7. Spring Intern at Fleet

    Fleet Spring Intern

    We're happy to have Durham Technical Community College student Qwinton Fontenelle join our Fleet Management Department as an intern! Our Fleet team provides maintenance services for police cruisers, fire trucks, refuse trucks, snowplows & more. Read on...
  8. Debut of Electric Sport Utility Vehicles in City Fleet

    Durham Debuts Electric Sports Utility Vehicles

    New in 2023, Durham residents could see Fire or Police branded electric sports utility vehicles on the roads. The vehicles arrived in Durham at the Fleet Department in late 2022 and should be in full service by the end of Spring 2023. Read on...
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The Fleet Management Department was awarded 2019 federal Clean Fuel Advanced Technology grant by the NC Clean Technology Center. This grant enabled the department to buy a fully electric, battery powered takeoff unit that eliminates the need for idling by utility trucks. 

This device has been placed on an Urban Forestry bucket truck, which will allow the truck to function as needed while reducing emissions. It will help the department measure its effects on fuel usage. 

The Viatec Smart PTO unit will utilize battery power to create the needed hydraulic pressure normally provided by an Internal Combustion Engine. The unit includes an auxiliary HVAC system to cool the cab during periods of extreme heat. 

For more information about the Viatec Smart PTO unit, visit the Viatec website.


Our organization is making progress toward electrification of our vehicle and transit fleet. Three new ChargePoint Level II electric vehicle charging stations were recently installed at our Fire Administration facility on East Club Boulevard. 

The new stations provide the capacity to charge up to six fleet vehicles.  The project is among the infrastructure improvements being implemented across our facilities over the next 5-to-10 years. It’s all part of our commitment to achieving the goals of our organization’s Carbon Neutrality & Renewable Energy Action Plan over the next 10-to-30 years. 

The plan will greatly reduce the use of fossil fuels by our fleet, such as gas and diesel, resulting in cleaner air for our residents. The Fire Administration project was funded in part by a grant from the North Carolina Volkswagen Mitigation Settlement Program, which is being administered by the State Department of Environmental Quality.

New Smart PTO Technology:

ChargePoint Level II Charging Station: