Fleet Maintenance Division

The Fleet Maintenance division of the Fleet Management Department, provides maintenance services to the City's 1,900+ vehicles (including 550+ police vehicles) and equipment. 

This division performs the following services

  • Comprehensive preventive maintenance program
  • Diagnostics and repairs services
  • Safety and emissions inspections
  • Monitoring of manufacturer recalls
  • Preparing new vehicles for service
  • Coordinating of paint and body repair
  • Performance of biannual inspections for 120+ taxicabs

Additional services performed

  • Annual procurement of fleet replacements including the development of exact specifications
  • Disposal of obsolete equipment
  • Fuel management services of three fueling locations
  • Parts inventory management
  • Vehicle maintenance of 1,800+ vehicles and equipment
  • Utilization analysis and reporting
The City's fleet consists of primarily
  • Sedans
  • Pick-up trucks
  • Dump trucks
  • Patrol vehicles
  • Solid waste trucks
  • Public works vehicles
  • Heavy construction equipment