Raleigh-Durham Airport Authority

  • 1 p.m.
  • 3rd Thursday of Each Month
  • RDU Center
    100/1000 Trade Drive
    Conference Room
    RDU Airport
The authority is made up of 8 representatives, 2 of each from the City of Durham, Durham County, the City of Raleigh, and Wake County. Representatives appointed by the City Council must live within the corporate city limits and serve without compensation. City and county taxes must not reflect any delinquency at the time of submission of the application.

Durham Board Members
Note: The following members are appointed by the City Council. For County Commissioner appointments, contact the Clerk to the Board of County Commissioners at 919-560-0025.
  • Farad Ali
  • Robert D. Teer, Jr.
The authority was created by the North Carolina General Assembly to develop, operate and maintain the Raleigh-Durham Airport Authority.