Waterways Newsletter

Waterways is a newsletter that informs residents about stormwater issues. Click on the links below for current and past articles about water quality issues, watershed projects, and floodplain information.

DateWaterways Topic
November 2023Fall Leaves, Falls Lake, Flood Risk (PDF)
Hojas de otono, Falls Lake, Reisgo de inundacion (PDF)
July 2023Business tips, utility fee, Creek Week results (PDF)
November 2022Sediment, Flood risk, Fall leaves, Project updates (PDF)
July 2022Summer tips, utility fee, geese (PDF)
November 2021 Hotline, project updates, flood risk (PDF)
 July 2021 Stormwater Ponds, utility fee, bacteria study (PDF)
 November 2020 Fall leaves, flood risk (PDF)
 July 2020 Pet waste, stormwater fee, New Hope Creek plan (PDF)
 November 2019Northeast Creek TMDL, Floodplain Services (PDF)
 July 2019 Car wash, Where to find stormwater info (PDF)
 November 2018 Prevent stormwater pollution, Flood risk decoded, New flood maps (PDF)
 July 2018 Grass Clippings, Skip the Straw, South Ellerbe Project (PDF) 
 November 2017
 Yard Waste Disposal, Clean Water Tips for Businesses (PDF)
 July 2017
 Eno River Plan, S. Ellerbe Stormwater Project, Recycle Oil (PDF)
 Nov 2016
Drainage, Eno River Plan, Old Pipes Bad for Water (PDF)
 July 2016
 Videos, Little Lick Creek Plan, Creek Week (PDF)
 November 2015
 Healthy Lawns, Project Updates (PDF)
 July 2015
 New Floodplain Maps (PDF)
November 2014Trees, Yes. Leaves, No. (PDF)
July 2014Flood Insurance Discounts, Little Lick Creek Restoration, STAR Program (PDF)