Seminars and Presentations

Each quarter, our Public Works Department presents pertinent information to consultants, the development community and development design professionals. To be informed of future seminars, send an email to Rhonda Spivey.


  1. 21September2023 - Wetland Spotlight; Erosion Control Requirements for Triassic Soils; Ethics
  2. 09March2023 - Engineering As Built Submittal Requirements; Flowable Fill
  3. 23June2022 - PW Engineering As Built Submittals; Troubleshooting Low Strength Concrete; Bradford Circle Drainage Improvements
  4. 24March2022 - What is Concrete; Plant Spotlight; Issues Associated With Site Plan and CD Submittals
  5. 16Dec2021: Public-Private Benefits in Flood Warning and Water Quality Monitoring; Helpful Tips for Smooth Review Process; Green Infrastructure
  6. 24June2021 - Wetland Spotlight; Engineering As Built Submittal Requirements ; Durham Co. Engineering Sewer Permitting; RGD Section 8.2.2
  7. 18March2021 - Managing Nuisance Aquatic Plants and Algae; SHUN Form; DPS and Green Infrastructure; Accessibility Ramps Pt. 2
  8. 17December2020 - Digital Submittals (UPDATED); Accessibility Ramps Pt. 1; Plant Spotlight; RGD Alternative Request Applications
  9. 25June2020 - Walk-Through Demo of a Digital Submittal; Establishing Permanent Grass Around SCMs
  10. 12September2019 - Aging Infrastructure Repairs; Plant Spotlight; Storm Drainage Video Inspec. Reqs.
  11. 13June2019 - NCDOT Development Approvals; Wetland Spotlight; Good/Bad/Ugly; Section 8.6 of the RGD
  12. 14March2019 - Proposed Ordinance Revisions; SNAP Tool; Mitigation Refund Policy; Utility Inspections
  13. 27September2018 - Geology of Durham County; Wetland Plant; Preliminary FEMA Maps; Fee Changes
  14. 21June2018 - Dev. Review Process; Fee Changes; Wetland Plant; CD Submittals; CCTV Guidelines
  15. 21March2018 - Updates and Revisions to Section 8.1 of the RGD; Erosion Control Products and Filter Fabrics
  16. 07June2017 - Durham Co. S&EC Polices & Practices, Intro to Durham's DSC, Water & Sewer Details
  17. 09March2017 - Proposed Stormwater Permit & Revisions to Performance Standards; Silva Cells
  18. 08September2016 - Designing Erosion Control Solutions; Utility Details/Update; GIS Dataset Overview
  19. 23June2016 - StormFilter Design; County Enforcement Program; Cross Connection Control Program
  20. 17March 2016 - Stormwater Quality Update; PROWAG 2016 Update; Material Specification Revisions
  21. 10December2015 - Lift Station; Jumper Lines; Revised Floodplain Mapping; Interim Bonding Policy
  22. 10September2015 - Inspections; Utility Impact Analysis; COs & Legislation; AOC Method; Fire Flow
  23. 26March2015 - Filter Design for Earthen Dams; Seepage Control; Utility Impact Analysis; Lift Station
  24. 10September2014 - Triassic Basin Geology, As Built Requirements, PROWAG Update
  25. 01April2014 - NC Nutrient Bank Program; Geotextile Interlayer Applications
  26. 12December2013 - Wetland Plants; Duke Water Reclamation Pond H&H Modeling
  27. 17September2013 - Maintenance Inspection Program; PROWAG Standards
  28. 11April2013 - Dam Safety; Revised BMP Inspection Forms; Revisions to Section 8.3 (RGD)
  29. 04December2012 - Permeable Pavement and Pervious Concrete
  30. 04December2012 - Nutrient Offset Reporting Form/Worksheet