Applicant Testing

The application includes meeting the minimum requirements on a physical and written exam before moving on in the hiring process. Applicant Testing is held one(1) Monday and one(1) Saturday per month. 

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Written Test

The Durham Police Department utilizes the National Police Officer Selection Test (POST). The POST is a standardized test for Police Applicants. All Tests are given in person and are proctored. 

The Written Test is a timed evaluation and applicants have 45 minutes to complete the test. 

Study Guides

It is strongly encouraged for applicants to use study guides prior to taking the Written Test. Preparation is essential to improved success in test taking. study guides for the National POST can be purchased from various book vendors (i.e. Amazon, Barnes and Noble, etc.). Online study guides for the POST can be found at various online sites with varying prices (some free/no-cost options may be available).

physical Test

This is a modified version of the police officer physical abilities test (POPAT) that is required to be completed in the BLET Academy. There are two scenarios: Chase and Apprehension Phase and Rescue Phase.

Scenario 1: Chase and Apprehension 

Consists of a series of obstacles that includes running short distances, sit-ups, push-ups, climbing a 4-foot fence, a 4-foot broad jump, and a weighted roll drill. 

Scenario 2: Rescue:

Consists of a series of obstacles that includes running short distances, dragging a weighted dummy, and step-ups

Physical Fitness Evaluation