Durham Police Academy

The Durham Police Department is dedicated to hiring and training officers who represent the best the law enforcement profession has to offer. Only after an extensive pre-employment process do we even start to mold a recruit into a professional, dedicated officer.

Durham Police Academy

Upon entering the Durham Police Academy, recruits enter a new world. Motivated by experienced instructors and Training Division staff, recruits learn what it takes to become a well-trained police officer.
 The academy changes the recruit. The recruits will be physically and mentally challenged through a strenuous physical training program and an academically challenging curriculum. They make friends that will last a lifetime. But above all, they will stand tall and proud at graduation when they officially become Durham police officers.

Training Program

The State of North Carolina requires 16 weeks of training, but the Durham Police Academy is 26 weeks long and teaches more than what the state mandates. The academy is held at Durham Technical Community College's North Durham Campus on Snowhill Road.

The classes include pursuit driving, defensive tactics, firearms, and North Carolina law. The recruits learn survival Spanish, undergo diversity training, and learn about hazardous materials, domestic violence, sexual assault, community policing, sexual harassment and many other topics. The academy is followed by an on-the-job training period with an experienced officer.