Public Affairs Unit

Public Information Officer

The Public Information Officer provides information to the media and public about the operations and personnel of the Durham Police Department, responds to media inquiries and provides press releases and updates to the media. The Public Information Officer also prepares quarterly and annual crime reports for the Police Chief and City Council and produces other reports deemed necessary by department personnel.

The Public Information Officer disseminates information throughout the police department and updates the police department website. For information, call the Public Information Office at 919-560-4322, ext. 29195.

Public Affairs Specialist

The Public Affairs Specialist provides support to the Chief, command staff, police officers, and non-sworn personnel by gathering, developing, and distributing clear and accurate information about the programs, services, policies and activities of the Durham Police Department. This information is targeted to the Police Department's internal and external audiences through four primary functions:

  1. Employee / internal communications
  2. Marketing communications
  3. Media relations
  4. Community relations / special events
The Office also coordinates the department's annual National Night Out observance (NNO). For information, call the Public Relations Office at 919-560-4322, ext. 29194.

Ride-Along Program

The Durham Police Department Ride-Along program is a voluntary program aimed at educating the public in police operations and enhancing the relationship between the Department and the community it serves. The Department will attempt to comply with requests for ride-alongs from members of the community and other law enforcement organizations whenever practicable. Requests will be handled on a first-come, first-served basis.

It is important to note that a private citizen’s participation is limited to 2 ride-alongs per calendar year, and restricted to a maximum of 4 hours per ride-along. This category includes residents of the community requesting to ride for the purpose of broadening their knowledge of the law enforcement profession, including, but not limited to, individuals enrolled in the department’s Citizen Police Academy, members of civic organizations, and students with an academic need or interest to observe police activities first hand.

Persons interested in taking a police ride-along must complete and submit the Ride Along Application and Waiver (PDF). Completed forms should be submitted to the desk officer located in the main lobby of Police Headquarters, 602 East Main Street.

External Project Requests

The Durham Police Department promotes external projects that educate the public in police operations and that enhance the relationship between law enforcement and the community. Journalists, researchers, students and non-City Durham agencies requesting assistance from the Durham Police Department with special projects, presentations, media features and academic assignments must complete and submit an External Project Request Form (PDF).

Requests must be received at least 3 weeks in advance of the preferred start time for the project. Send completed request to:
Public Information Office
Durham Police Department
602 East Main Street
Durham, NC 27701

For information, call the executive officer to the chief of police at 919-560-4322, ext. 29202.