City of Durham Strategic Plan


Over the past year the Strategic Plan has undergone a refresh in order to develop a plan that is aligned with the current priorities of community members, elected officials, and staff. The City is excited to present the new Strategic Plan which was adopted by the City Council on June 20th, 2023 and will be implemented over three years in FY 2024 - FY 2026. This updated plan will serve as the guiding vision and action plan for the City of Durham until the next refresh. Check back for updates on how you can learn more about each element of the new plan and track progress towards strategic goals. 

The City's Strategic Plan is a roadmap to make Durham a diverse, welcoming, and innovative community.

Over 2,600 City of Durham employees provide services every day that make Durham a great place to live, work, and play. While the City's mission remains the same, our five Strategic Plan goals and the activities, programs, and services associated with them, are new – and provide a framework to transform our growing city into the diverse and inclusive community that we strive to be.

"We will strive with earnest for excellence as we make progress to meet the goals we have set together with our elected officials and beloved community." - City Manager Wanda Page

Check out what Strategic Initiative Teams have accomplished over the past year in the FY 2023 City Manager's Annual Report!

FY23 City Manager's Annual Report Cover

Learn more about our new FY 2024-26 Strategic Plan here!

Strategic Plan Report


The City of Durham's Vision is to be the leading city in providing an excellent and sustainable quality of life.

To work towards achieving our vision, five Strategic Goals were created.  These goals  are high level, long-term outcomes that our government is trying to accomplish. The icons below provide an overview of the Strategic Plan Goals.

Goal 1Goal 1: Shared Economic Prosperity

Maintain and grow a strong, equitable and diverse economy through a variety of businesses, industries, and employment opportunities to benefit all Durham residents and communities. 

Goal 2Goal 2: Creating a Safer Community Together

Support safe neighborhoods and communities by creating a shared sense of responsibility for public safety and fostering trust with and among diverse communities.

Goal 3

Goal 3: Connected, Engaged, and Inclusive Communities

Strengthen community bonds and foster a sense of belonging by building trust, maintaining relationships, and empowering residents to actively engage in local government decision-making.

Goal 4Goal 4: Innovative and High-Performing Organization

Encourage a culture of innovation, collaboration, transparency, equity and inclusion to deliver quality services through a dedicated and supported workforce. 

Goal 5Goal 5: Thriving and Vibrant Environment

Become a model sustainable city, offering widespread benefits that enhance the quality of life for all residents, present and future. 


Strategic Initiatives are the projects, programs, and endeavors the City takes to achieve its identified vision and goals. Check back often to see more updates and track progress. A dashboard highlighting our 41 strategic initiatives for FY 2024-26 will be launching in Fall 2023. 

Dashboard website

Past Reports and Strategic Planning Documents