District 3

District 3 Substation Information
District 3 Substation is located at #8 Consultant Place near the intersection of Shannon Road and MLK Parkway. Parking is available out front in any space not marked reserved.

The substation is open from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. on City of Durham business days. It is closed on weekends and City holidays. If you need immediate service, or if you cannot reach anyone at the substation, please dial 911.
Substation 3 Website Photo

District 3 Uniform Patrol

Uniform patrol is the backbone of the police department. These officers wear uniforms and drive marked police vehicles. They patrol their assigned areas known as "beats" to detect and prevent crime. They also respond to 911 emergency calls and other calls for service. The uniform patrol officers in each district also are in charge of getting to know the people in the community that they serve


Criminal investigators assigned to District 3 are responsible for conducting follow-up investigations on property and violent crime (not including homicide) cases that occur in the district. The investigators coordinate investigations with other units and districts within the police department and with other agencies; conduct surveillance; and execute search and arrest warrants.

Partners Against Crime

Please visit the Partners Against Crime page for more information.