District 5

District 5 Substation Information

The District 5 substation is located at 602 E. Main Street at our headquarters in downtown Durham.


The substation is open from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. on City of Durham business days. It is closed on weekends and city holidays. If you need immediate service, or if you cannot reach anyone at the substation, please dial 911.

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District 5 Uniform Patrol

Uniform patrol is the backbone of the police department. These officers wear uniforms and drive marked police vehicles. They patrol their assigned areas known as "beats" to detect and prevent crime. They also respond to 911 emergency calls and other calls for service. The uniform patrol officers in each district also are in charge of getting to know the people in the community that they serve.

Partners Against Crime

Please visit the Partners Against Crime page and the PAC5 website more information.

K9 Unit
The Durham Police Department has nine police canine positions assigned to the Uniform Patrol Bureau and two police canines assigned to the Special Operations Division. The police canines work with his or her own handler who is an experienced Durham police officer. The canines are trained at tracking suspects, locating missing persons, searching buildings, finding articles such as guns, and sniffing out narcotics. The dogs and their handlers also often give public demonstrations. In addition to their regular duties, police canines and their handlers must spend much time training to keep proficient with their skills.
Traffic Services Unit 
Traffic Services officers operate unmarked patrol vehicles and concentrate their enforcement efforts on speeding drivers and on persons driving while impaired by alcohol or drugs (DWI). Traffic Services officers are specially trained in the use of speed measurement control devices (radar and LIDAR) and in the investigation of motor vehicle accidents involving serious injury or fatalities. Some Traffic Services officers ride motorcycles and are also responsible for providing funeral escorts within the city when available.