Domestic Violence Investigators

Effects of Domestic Violence

There is no excuse. You can't keep ignoring it. In North Carolina, domestic violence is the leading cause of injury to women. 60% of children living in violent homes become batterers as adults.

Domestic Violence Unit Responsibilities

The Durham Police Department Domestic Violence Unit is part of the Criminal Investigations Division (CID). The Domestic Violence Unit is responsible for:

  • Investigating all domestic violence cases as defined by 50B-1
  • Prompting a community-wide response to domestic violence
  • Working with other agencies for effective victim assistance
  • Acting as a liaison for officers to answer questions involving emergencies where specialized information is required for the victim's welfare and safety
  • Providing in-service training for officers

Domestic Violence Unit Investigators

The Domestic Violence Unit investigators work a 40-hour per week schedule (Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. until 4:30 p.m.) and are assigned to a CID on-call team to allow for 24 hour per day coverage for felonious domestic violence calls. Our commitment to the citizens and victims of domestic violence is so strong that
"we won't stop until the offender stops the violence."

Domestic Violence Policy

It is the policy of the Durham Police Department to view domestic violence as a crime which requires direct police intervention and a coordinated community response. The objective of the patrol officer who responds to a domestic incident is to reduce the possibility of violence and threats towards the victim and other involved individuals, conduct a thorough on-scene investigation, and provide the victim with information enabling them to seek assistance from alternative community agencies.

Domestic Violence Prevention

A clear and consistent response to domestic violence can protect victims and their families from immediate danger, assist in connecting them with the resources and services that they require, and communicate the message that domestic violence is unacceptable in our community.

The Durham Police Department seeks to represent and enforce our community's intolerance of violent behavior, whether it occurs outside or inside the home.