Training & Recruiting Division

The function of the Armory is to provide support to the City of Durham by managing the inventory of firearms, in addition to storing, issuing, receiving, disposal and keeping records on all firearms for sworn employees of the Durham Police Department.

The armorer keeps inventory on tools, firearm parts and cleaning supplies in order to perform preventive maintenance on the department firearms. The unit also maintains an updated inventory of all department emergency issued equipment.
Background Unit
The Background Unit consists of 1 corporal and 4 officers that are assigned to handle background investigations, which helps streamline and speed up the hiring process.
BLET Police Academy
For more information, please visit the Durham Police Academy page.

Employee Services Unit

Employee Services provides liaison and a variety of human resource-related data, information, and statistics upon request to:
  • Administration
  • Employees
  • Outside agencies
  • Supervisors
  • The City of Durham
  • The general public
The Employee Services Unit is also responsible for conducting special projects, research, and case studies as requested by the administration.

Firearms Range

​The Durham Police Department Firearms Range operates under the direction and supervision of the department rangemaster. State-certified firearms instructors are available for both recruit and in-service firearms training.

Range Amenities

The pistol range has 20 firing lanes with firing lines marked up to the 50-yard line. The rifle range has firing lines up to the 100-yard mark. There are steel reactive targets for both pistol and shotgun use. There are different items that are used to make up combat courses for realistic police training.

In-Service Training Coordinator

The training officer is responsible for coordinating in-service training for department employees.
Police Training Officer Program
Please visit the Police Training Officer Program page for more information.

Reality Based Training Coordinator

The Reality-Based Training Corporal/Coordinator is responsible for managing the Reality-Based simulator training program.