Analytical Services Division

Crime Analysis Unit
Each district is assigned a crime analyst who maintains a statistical database of police calls-for-service, crimes, and other police activities. The crime analyst prepares reports from the database to assist district personnel in quickly identifying and responding to changes in criminal activity within the district.
Division of CriminaI & Warrant Control Unit
The DCI and Warrant Control Unit is responsible for the filing of the warrants, criminal summonses, and other court papers that are assigned to the Durham Police Department for service on the residents of City of Durham. This unit also is responsible for the maintenance of the database of warrants and other court papers in the Durham Police Department Records Management System.

The unit is also responsible for running DCI (Division of Criminal Information, a part of the North Carolina Department of Justice) terminals to provide police officers and investigators with information from various local, state and federal databases. The unit is also responsible for maintaining hot files of stolen items and wanted persons that have been entered into the DCI system for the Durham Police Department.
Intelligence Unit
The Intelligence Unit gathers, organizes and distributes information on the identity, activities and movements of:
  • Major criminals
  • Members and activities of radical groups in the area
  • Suspected terrorist individuals and groups
  • Others who are suspected of being a threat to law and order in our area
This unit is also responsible for the acquisition, processing and dissemination of intelligence information and the maintenance of intelligence records and files.
Records Unit
The Records Unit responsibilities include:
  • Serving as a custodian for all official agency reports and records by receiving, coding, and entering police reports into an automated records system
  • Receiving, processing, distributing, and tracking warrants and other orders issued by the court for persons in the department's jurisdiction
  • Providing copies of official reports to members of the public, department personnel and other law enforcement agencies
  • Providing information requested by officers regarding vehicle registrations, wants and warrants and other information for local, state and federal criminal justice databases
  • Providing information from the Durham Police Department's database to other local, state and federal agencies through the Division of Criminal Information's network
Telephone Response Unit
For more information, please visit the Telephone Response Unit page.