Special Events Cart Information and Request Form

Green Garbage Cart

The Event Coordinator is responsible for making arrangements to ensure proper trash and recycling receptacles are provided at the event. The Event Coordinator is also responsible for ensuring the entire event area is clean and free of trash, recycling, animal waste, and other debris during and at the conclusion of the event.  Whenever possible, Event Coordinators should avoid placing trash and recycling receptacles in front of the street-level businesses.  

In general, one 96-gallon trash cart will serve up to 17 attendees, and one 96-gallon recycling cart will serve up to 25.

If the Event Coordinator wishes to use receptacles provided by the City of Durham, a Cart Request Form must be submitted to the Special Event Cart Coordinator 30 days prior to the event.  There will be no exceptions to this rule.  If there are questions, the Event Coordinator should contact the Solid Waste Department. 

Special Event Application