Human Relations Commission and Civilian Police Review Board Recommendations


In September 2013, Mayor Bell requested the Human Relations Commission (HRC) conduct a review of allegation of racial bias and racial profiling brought by citizens against the Durham Police Department. The Commission held a series of public hearings over six months. In June 2014, the HRC presented recommendations for the following categories: 

  • Communications and Outreach 
  • Durham Police Department Policies 
  • Police Stops and Consent Searches 
  • Marijuana Arrests 
  • Civilian Police Review Board
  • Durham Police Department Training
  • Complaints and Internal Affairs 

Since 2014, City of Durham management has responded to these recommendations with both one-time and ongoing actions. See the original HRC Recommendations.

Ongoing Monitoring and Reports

  1. Traffic Stops
  2. Marijuana Arrests
  3. Internal Affairs
  4. PAC Attendance
  5. Residency Statistics
  6. Professional Standards