Fraud | Waste | Abuse Investigation Services

At Audit Services, we take our responsibility to monitor the City's resources and assets seriously. The Fraud, Waste, and Abuse Services Hotline was formed specifically to allow City employees and residents to voice concerns about unethical behavior they may have witnessed.

You can access our services a number of ways:

  • Our web-form 
  • Our hotline number, 919-560-4213, ext. 14243
  • Or by speaking to one of our investigators personally in an interview
We know that taking time out of your busy day to help hold our City to the highest standards is stressful and we thank you for your dedication. To help streamline this process and get the best possible results, we have included a list of helpful documents and evidence you can submit along with the form.

Helpful Documentation

Don't forget to attach any of these to your complaint:
  • PDFs of emails or text exchanges
  • Photographic evidence
  • Any paperwork related to the complaint
  • Time, date, and location of alleged behavior
Fraud Card