Charter Schools

Ordinances Relating to Charter Schools
In all cases, before securing a site for a charter school, contact the Inspections Department. If adequate planning is completed, the process will flow smoothly and children will not have to be relocated from the facility in order to comply with the regulations.

Before securing a location, check with the Inspections Department to be sure that the building will comply with educational occupancy requirements of the North Carolina General Construction Code (Volume 1). The building permit must be issued prior to occupancy of the school.

Minor Use Permit
A minor use permit is required. The use permit must be issued prior to the issuance of a building permit. Contact the Planning Department at 919-560-4137 for details in filing for a minor use permit.

Site Plan
A site plan must be prepared and submitted to the Planning Department to accompany the use permit application. The Development Review Board must approve the site plan. Contact the Planning Department for details.

State vs. Local Ordinances
Even though you may have your charter from the state, the local ordinances still apply. Even if you are locating in a preexisting school, the use permit and the building permit must be approved and issued.

Required Inspections
The Fire Prevention Officer (city - 919-560-4242) or the Fire Marshal (county - 919-560-0660) must make an inspection prior to occupancy. A working fire alarm system and properly located fire extinguishers are just 2 of the requirements.

The electrical system must also be inspected. If work is necessary, a permit must be secured by a North Carolina licensed electrical contractor.

The plumbing and mechanical systems must also be inspected. If work is necessary, a permit must be secured by a North Carolina licensed plumbing contractor or mechanical contractor, as appropriate.

After Completing Inspections
All required inspections must be signed off by the appropriate trades and a Certificate of Compliance must be issued by the Inspections Department prior to occupying the building.