Internal Audit Services


Through effective and meaningful recommendations, we add value in four categories:

Reduction of Risk

Minimizing threats to personnel, financials, and reputation

Enhanced Efficiency

Enabling departments to perform effectively without duplication of effort

Increased Compliance

Encouraging departments to function in accordance with governing laws and regulations

Reduction of Costs

Minimizing expenses related to City activities, internal and external

2021-22 Added Value at-a-glance


The Audit Services Department made a total of 24 recommendation in 7 reports.

All of these recommendations were found reasonable and valid by the leadership of the audited departments.

Recommendations by Report
Value-Added of Recommendations

No recommendations were made with regard to reducing costs and only two to increasing efficiency. City departments are using City revenues and resources responsibly.

The emphasis on risk reduction and compliance indicates a pro-active approach to risk management. We are not waiting for systems to fail; we are addressing issues before they generate problems.

Value-Added as Percent


The annual audit plan is arrived at in consultation with department directors, City management, City Council, and the Audit Services Oversight Committee. Factors that are considered when developing the plan include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Recommendations by Directors within their own departments;
  • Personnel or operations changes within a department or division;
  • Prior audit results;
  • Risk analysis; and 
  • Operational complexities.

Fiscal Year 2023 Audit Plan

Audit Title Preliminary Scope Connection to ERM Department
On-Street Off-Street Parking Determine the adequacy of controls over parking and enforcement Systems & Processes Transportation
Vertical Response Times Determine the adequacy of controls over response times in multi-story buildings Public Safety; Strategic Planning Fire
Water Pre-Treatment Process Examine the propriety of compliance with regulations for water pre-treatment Community Growth & Impact; Strategic Planning Water Management
FY 2022 Year-End Inventory Evaluate controls over the physical count of the City's inventory Systems & Processes City
911 Communications Interruptions Examine controls around 911 Communications interruptions due to radio frequency issues Pubic Safety; Systems & Processes Emergency Communications
Disciplinary Actions & Retention Practices Review equity and controls around City employee disciplinary actions, as well as plans for employee retention Talent; Systems & Processes City/HR
Equitable Outcomes for Parks & Rec Review how resources and services are distributed to parks and recreation facilities around the City Community Growth & Impact; Strategic Planning Parks & Recreation
Bus Schedules, Accidents, and Maintenance Examine controls around bus schedules, accidents, and maintenance Community Growth & Impact; Strategic Planning Transportation
Wire Transfer Process Review the wire transfer process Systems & Processes Finance


All audits comply with the Generally Accepted Government Auditing Standards (GAGAS). Each auditor receives no fewer than 40 hours of continuing professional education each year to remain knowledgeable of current trends and changes to norms and regulations