505 W. Chapel Hill Street


The City of Durham owns 505 W. Chapel Hill Street, a four-acre parcel containing the former Durham Police Department Headquarters building and supportive surface parking lots. The existing office building, originally built for the Home Security Life Insurance Company in the late 1950's, occupies less than a quarter of the site. The site became vacant in 2019 and has been deemed surplus property.


In July 2022, City staff presented two RFP responses to City Council: one from a team consisting of Akridge and DHIC, and the other from a team consisting of Ancora and Winn. The City Council on August 1, 2022 decided to reject both RFP responses. While both teams submitted development programs aligned with the established City priorities, market conditions resulting from COVID (including elevated construction costs and a transitioning commercial office market) resulted in financial offers that did not satisfy expectations. City Council members reiterated that affordable housing was a priority for the site. Based on these factors, Council members decided to hold the site and reissue another solicitation for proposals at a later date. That process is preliminarily underway. 

Please contact Stacey Poston, Assistant Director of the General Services Department, at [email protected] or (919) 452-1125 with any questions.


2021-2022 RFQ/RFP Process

RFQ Official Packet (9-29-2021)

RFQ Pre-submittal List of Attendees (10-14-2021)

RFQ Pre-submittal Presentation (10-14-2021) 

RFQ Post Pre-submittal Conference Q&A (10-14-2021)

RFQ Q & A Addendum (10-15-2021)

RFQ Sections X and XI Addendum (11-1-2021)

RFQ Re-Opening Post (11-17-2021)

RFQ Section XII Developer Use Form (11-17-2021)

RFQ Panel Findings (1-1-2022)

RFP Official Packet (2-2-2022)

RFP Pro Forma Assumptions (2-2-2022)

RFP Initial Questions and Answers Response (2-23-2022)

RFP Second Questions and Answers Response (3-21-2022)

Agenda Memo (8-1-2022)

Agenda Memo Presentation (8-1-2022)


Prior to 2021-2022 RFQ/RFP Process

Survey Plat (6-26-1986)

Environmental Site Assessments (1-10-2017  6-22-2017)

Policy Review & Site Visit Memorandum (9-19-2017)

Community Outreach Summary (9-29-2017)

Approved Development Plan Rezoning (2-19-2020)

Existing Building Analysis (11-17-2020)

Additional information can be found here: https://durhamnc.gov/3195/Future-of-the-Former-Police-Headquarters