Medicine Drop-Off Locations

Colorful pills, tablets, and capsules in a pile on a counter.

DOperation Medicine Drop Logoid you know that medications – prescription and over-the-counter – are often detected in our rivers, lakes, and groundwater? These substances find their way into wastewater facilities after being flushed down toilets or poured down drains. Despite advancing technologies, treatment operations simply cannot filter out 100% of these chemicals. This is why they may appear in drinking water in trace amounts.

Medications of all types also pose significant poisoning dangers to children. Additionally, people who abuse prescription drugs often report taking these medications from the homes of family members and friends.

You can do your part to protect our families and our environment, by safely storing and disposing of medications. Operation Medicine Drop is a statewide program designed to collect and properly destroy expired and unwanted medications. Live drop-off events are hosted across North Carolina in the spring and fall; however, permanent and secure drop-off boxes are also available year-round.