Current Plans and Projects

The City of Durham is currently working on many transportation projects of all different modes. Some of these projects are in collaboration with the North Carolina Department of Transportation (NCDOT), and some are local projects.

Status of Current Transportation Projects

A list of all active projects (updated to April 2021) are located in the four Excel downloads below. Some of the projects in these tables also have individual project pages with more information, which you can find to the left, on the Bicycle Projects page, or on the Transit and Mobility Page.

Our major projects are divided into four categories: City of Durham-led bicycle/pedestrian projects, other City-led projects, NCDOT-led projects, and transit projects. Within each table you can sort on multiple columns, and use the Excel filter to find projects by the managing department, the name of the project, the type of facility being designed or built, or the phase of the project.


  1. How are Projects Funded?
  2. How are Projects Done?

Depending on the size and scope of the transportation project, there are several different ways a project can be paid for.

Sources of Funding