Inspection Requirements

Required Building Inspections for Single Family Residences, Duplexes, and Townhouses:

Building Inspections

  • Footing:
    • Footings must be free of standing water, loose dirt and debris.
    • The ground in which the footings have been excavated must be of appropriate depth and bearing strength - either checked using soil probe by the Inspector or have been tested by an engineering firm.
    • If footings are not passed on the first inspection, they must be re-inspected after corrective actions are taken and before placing concrete.
  • Foundation Inspection:
    • If a closed or sealed crawlspace is intended, this should be indicated on the job site plans.
    • Interior grading of crawlspace is complete and the drain to daylight is installed.
    • Exterior waterproofing and perimeter drainage has been installed.
  • Slab Inspection:
    • Strings are required to be placed from corner to corner to show slab thickness.
    • Vapor barriers and insulation have been installed.
    • If it is a monolithic slab, see requirements for footings above.
  • Framing:
    • A)   Open Floor: (Courtesy Inspection).
      • Inspected before sub flooring is installed.
      • Floor framing to the foundation is complete, including all shims and squash blocking.
    • B)   Sheathing Inspection: (Courtesy Inspection).
      • Inspected before house wrap or sheathing joint tape is applied.
      • Exterior sheathing is complete with required nailing around the perimeter and in the field of the sheathing.  Portal Framing will also be inspected.
      • Concealed insulation at bathtubs, fireplaces etc. has been installed.
    • C)   Full Framing:
      • Foundation Survey is required at this time.
      • All trade work (Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing) has been completed.
      • Preinsulation - insulation baffles installed, chases and concealed areas insulated, insulation installed behind electrical boxes on exterior walls.
  • Insulation:
    • If spray foam insulation is used, the installers' certification letter must be provided.
    • All required air barriers have been installed.
  • Final inspection:
    • Impervious Survey and Sealed Soil Engineering (if required) are due at this time.
    • Concrete tickets and termite treatment report are due.

Electrical Inspections

  • Service Pole: temporary connection for construction use only
  • Rough-In: after all wiring is in place and prior to covering with insulation or Sheetrock
  • Floor Heat: after the wiring has been installed and before tile is installed
  • Final: after all wiring is complete and ready for occupancy

Plumbing Inspections

  • Slab: prior to pouring concrete
  • Rough-In: after all plumbing is in place and prior to covering with insulation or Sheetrock
  • Sewer: after connection is made to city system and prior to covering ditch
  • Final: after all plumbing is complete

Mechanical Inspections

  • Rough-In: after mechanical equipment is installed and prior to covering any ducts with insulation or Sheetrock
  • Final: after all mechanical equipment is installed
  • Duct Leakage Test: if needed per Energy Code

In addition to the specific items listed above, all requirements of the 2012 North Carolina Residential Code and Administrative Code will be enforced.