Sales Offices

The Department of Insurance, which oversees all North Carolina Codes, determined that model homes must meet certain portions of the N.C. Accessibility Code. All model homes must have an entrance into the building (usually the main front door, which is 3 feet wide and thus meets the width requirement for accessibility) which meets the requirements for accessibility:
  • Door handle hardware
  • Required 5 foot by 5 foot landing on both sides of the door
  • Threshold height/slope
  • Width
Accessible toilet facilities must be available within no more than 200 linear feet travel distance.

Office Requirements
Sales offices must meet the same requirements, as well as providing access to all areas of primary function (in other words, the entire modular sales office must be accessible). Meeting these requirements, however, is relatively simple - a modular office built to meet Business occupancy will meet accessibility requirements, and also usually comes with a toilet meeting accessibility requirements.

A landing and ramp must be built to provide accessibility, and a minimum of one parking space meeting van accessibility requirements (it will have a minimum 8 foot width striped access aisle adjacent to the parking space, and have the proper signage) having an accessible path of travel to the ramp (slope of the path of travel cannot exceed 1 inch rise in 20 inch horizontal) must be provided. The access aisle beside the space and the path of travel must have a hard surface such as asphalt or concrete in order to meet accessibility requirements.