New Installations and Replacements

Both new and existing customers of the city's water supply are evaluated by CCC staff to determine which hazards, if any, exist and the type of backflow preventers required. If a backflow preventer assembly is required at a facility, a licensed plumbing contractor must complete the Backflow Preventer Permit Application (PDF). There is a $100 Backflow Permit Fee for any new or replacement installation of a backflow preventer.

City of Durham Backflow Preventer Permit applications can be completed online using the Land Development Office (LDO). This system will allow you to check on current status of applications and permits. As part of the LDO process, Cross Connection Control (CCC) sign-off is now required for issuance of Certificate of Occupancy. Please see our complete guide on how to request a backflow permit using LDO.

NOTICE: All Backflow Permit Applications are Required to be Submitted Using LDO

Effective 1/1/2022, CCC will no longer be accepting T&M reports for newly installed assemblies via a variety of methods, including emails to [email protected] or text message. Please see a copy of the Letter to Industry (PDF)All T&M reports for new installations must be uploaded and attached in PDF format in LDO under the appropriate backflow preventer permit application when scheduling the inspection. Instructions on how to do this are provided in the “copy of the Letter to Industry (PDF) listed above.

NOTICE: Plan Review for Building Permit Application

Effective 11/1/2017, CCC will implement a $150.00 fee to perform plan review and re-review(s) associated with received building permit applications to the City/County Inspections Department. A Cross Connection Plan Review Application and application fees are due once the building permit has been submitted to the City/County Inspections Department for review. In order to request CCC perform a plan review, a Cross Connection Plan Review Application must be completed. Follow this detailed guide (PDF).

**Please email all questions pertaining to Plan review to [email protected].**

NOTICE: Work Started Without Permit Fee

No person may start or continue with the installation of backflow preventer assemblies without first obtaining a Backflow Permit. To offset the cost of the high volume of work started without a permit, on January 1, 2017 the City introduced a double backflow permit fee. This fee is charged when assemblies are installed prior to getting a permit. It is a $200.00 fee required by the Department of Water Management Cross Connection Control (Part 15-116). For additional information, please see the Work Started Without Permit (PDF).

Specs and Details

1. Outside Installations:
a. 0.75 inches to 2 inches - IRRIGATION - Outside
b. 2.5 inches to 12 inches - DOMESTIC - Outside
c. 2.5 inches to 12 inches - FIRE - Outside
d. 2.5 inches to 12 inches - FIRE W FDC - Outside
e. Suggested Temporary Flushing - Testing

2. Inside Installations:
a. 0.75 inches to 2 inches - DOMESTIC - Inside
b. 2.5 inches to 12 inches - DOMESTIC - Inside
c. 2.5 inches to 12 inches - FIRE - Inside

For a complete list of pre-approved products, and water and sewer specs and details, please visit

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