Monthly Construction Activity Reports

The Durham City-County Inspections Department prepares reports each month on construction activity occurring during the previous month in the City and County of Durham. These reports are available to the public around the 10th of each month and will be posted on this webpage.

Monthly Activity Report
One of the reports is the Monthly Activity Report. This report lists all building permits issued for the month and includes:
  • Architect
  • Census tract
  • Contractor performing the work
  • Cost of construction
  • Date the permit was issued
  • Job address
  • Owner of the property
  • Permit number
  • Tax map information
  • Type of work being performed
Statistical Report
Also prepared is a statistical report that compares the current month’s construction activity with the previous month’s, the current fiscal year and the previous fiscal year. It also compares total construction cost for the current calendar year and last calendar year. Unlike the Monthly Activity Report that lists only the building permits issued, this statistical report includes data on permits issued to all the trades (electrical, plumbing and mechanical), and also reports on the number of inspections made during the month by all trades.