Residential and Non-Residential Customers


If your meter has been locked by Cross Connection Control for non-compliance, such as past due backflow testing, please follow these steps to get the meter unlocked.

Annual Testing Program

After an approved backflow prevention (BFP) assembly is installed and tested, it must be re-tested annually by an individual who is certified by an approved testing school.

We provide annual testing and notification schedules, a list of approved certified testers, and an easy way to check your annual testing status. 

Learn more about the Annual Testing Program.

Opt-In Testing Program

The Department of Water Management offers a service to residential customers that we hope will streamline the annual testing process. It is completely optional. Those who opt-in will have an approved tester under contract with the City of Durham perform the annual backflow test for their automatic lawn irrigation system.

Learn more about our Opt-In Testing Program.

Outdoor Hoses

Many water customers are unaware that improperly disconnecting an outdoor hose can potentially let contaminated water leak back into household plumbing. Fortunately, we have information you need to protect your home’s water supply.

Learn more about Hose Bibb Vacuum Breakers and other important safety guidelines.

Backflow Prevention Diagrams

Knowing the ins and outs of water flow, reverse water flow, and easy corrective action is important for every homeowner.

Reference our easy-to-understand diagrams that illustrate backflow and proper hose connection.

Winterizing Your Home

We’re pleased to offer some useful advice (indoor and outdoor) to help you prevent freeze damage and save money on costly seasonal repairs.

Find important tips that include finding your master shutoff valve, wrapping pipes, and winterizing your backflow preventer.