R. Kelly Bryant Bridge Trail

John Paces-Wiles,
Senior Construction Project Manager
919-560-4197, ext. 21252


RKBB Project Map

Team Members

DPR & City of Durham Bike & Pedestrian Div.
Kimley Horn
NC Department of Transportation

Current Phase



$3,989,621 Federal Grant

$2,300,000 Appropriations Omnibus Bill

$1,999,410 City of Durham

$8,289,031 Total Budget


Trail Fact Sheet

Expected Completion

Construction starts ~ January 2025

Project Description

R. Kelly Bryant was a long-time civil rights activist and Durham Open Space and Trails Commission member. Click here to learn more: https://indyweek.com/news/durham/bridge-bridge/

The R. Kelly Bryant Bridge Trail is an approximately three-mile trail planned for southeastern/eastern Durham. It will connect the existing Rock
y Creek Trail on Dakota Street north to the Drew/Granby Park located on Drew Street in Durham. The Trail will connect and provide safe transportation and recreation between the existing Rocky Creek Greenway, Elmira Park, N.C. Central University, Burton Park, the McDougald Terrace neighborhood, Burton Elementary School, the R. Kelly Bryant Pedestrian Bridge over NC 147, E. Main Street, Angier Avenue, the Eastway Neighborhood, Eastway Elementary, and Long Meadow and East End Parks. 

R. Kelly Bryant Bridge


R. Kelly Bryant Bridge


Alston Avenue & Lawson Street Intersection

RKBB Alston Avenue_Lawson Street Intersection

Lakeland Street & Ridgeway Avenue Intersection

RKBB Lakeland Street_Ridgeway Avenue Intersection

Lakeland Street Approach

RKBB Lakeland Street Approach

Off Road at Mathison Street

RKBB Off Road Section at end of Mathison Street