Durham Planning Academy

About The Durham Planning Academy

The Planning Academy is an opportunity to learn more about how the planning process works in Durham, how to use available planning tools, and how to equitably engage in planning work. We want to uplift learning and teaching with an emphasis on supporting marginalized communities. Whether you’re a resident, community leader, subject expert, young person, or someone who wants to learn more about Planning, the Planning Academy is for you! The sessions will provide tools and skills to help navigate the planning processes, learn more about development and how it is regulated in North Carolina, and further understand the history of planning in Durham.

The Fall 2023 Planning Academy Applications are now CLOSED!

Although the applications are now closed, you will have an opportunity to view the recorded sessions on our YouTube channel.


Session #


Session 1

Durham Local Planning History: What is Planning? What has it looked like in Durham?  What are the impacts seen today?

Session 2

Planning Department Functions & Operations: What do we do? What types of projects do we manage? What groups is Planning comprised of?

Session 3

North Carolina State Laws & Local Regulations: What can we do? Why can we do it? Why can’t we do it?

Session 4

Equitable Engagement and Environmental Justice: What should we do? What is the future of Durham Planning?

For additional support and questions please contact: Amber Igodan at [email protected] or Lisa Miller at [email protected]

We'd like to thank everyone for their interest in Durham City-County Planning Academy, where individual growth, experience, learning, and community are uplifted. Please stay tuned for announcements.

Can’t make it, but want to stay involved in planning Durham’s future? Find out how you can get involved in projects that interest you by signing up for the Planning Public Notification Service.