Customer Portal FAQs

Q:  What exactly does this new customer billing and account portal offer?
A:  The City is pleased to partner with Paymentus to expand utility services online that include all of the following:

  • Secure log-in where customers can save account and payment method details
  • Ability to set up recurring payments using credit/debit card or e-check (bank draft)
  • Email or text message (SMS) notification when a bill has been issued
  • Bills in PDF format for easy viewing and/or printing
  • Ability to view bill and payment history and download into Excel
  • Ability to link several accounts with one log-in

Customers can create and access their portal account at

Q:  What is Paymentus?
A:  Paymentus is a national company which partners with utilities to provide convenient electronic interactions with customers. This includes e-billing, pay-by-phone, automated telephone and email messaging, and various options for web payments.

Q:  Is there a way to look up an account number by address?
A:  No. Due to privacy concerns, access to billing information is limited to those who have access to the account number. If you do not have a copy of your bill, you may call 919-560-1200 between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. Monday through Friday to establish your identity and get your account number.

Q:  If someone gets ahold of my account number, what will keep them from getting my financial information if I have saved my credit card or bank account number in the wallet feature?
A:  You will have a unique log-in and password to keep your information secure. Also, if anyone does get your utility account number and views prior payments, the account numbers of your payment method are redacted. That means all but the last four digits are replaced with asterisks “*”.

Q:  If I have multiple accounts to manage, can I set up different payment methods for each?
A:  Yes. You will need to set up autopay for each account separately. The wallet feature lets you save credit card and bank information so you don’t need to reenter. This will benefit customers who manage other family members’ accounts and/or property managers responsible for multiple accounts.

Q:  I get a check once a month on a certain date. Can I set up autopay for them?
A: Yes. Using the autopay feature, you can schedule a certain set amount you designate to be applied to your account on the same day of the month. However, please note that the amount you designate may be less than your bill and this election does NOT change the due date of your bill. You will need to monitor your account regularly to make sure it does not become subject to termination for non-payment.

Q:  How do I set up e-billing?
A: On the accounts screen there is a button labeled “paperless.”
If you click, it brings up a screen where you can elect to receive notification of your bill via email or text message. After you click on your choice, click the blue button to confirm, and you’re set up.

Q:  Can I request notification via both email and text?
A: Yes.

Q:  Why can’t you email me my bill directly?
A: To maintain your privacy, most utilities and financial institutions do not use non-secured email to transmit private information.

Q:  Can I elect to get my bill electronically as well as mailed to me?
A: No. When you log in, your bill is in PDF form so you can print a copy or save it in your computer. Reducing postage expense will help keep your water and sewer rates reasonable.

Q:  Can I request an e-bill for my account be sent to another person?
A:  You will need to give that person the utility account number so he or she can set up a log-in and link to that account. The other person can then sign up for paperless billing and enter the additional email address or phone number to receive notification. However, the other person will not have access to the log-in, profile, or wallet information of anyone else accessing that account through a different log-in.

Q:  Will there be any change to the pay-by-phone option?
A: Not at this time. In the future, the City may consider expanding the phone options available.

Q:  Why should bank draft customers sign up in Paymentus? Why not transfer the information?
A: One of the advantages of Paymentus is the ability to set up a secure log-in (often your email) with a password known only to you. Other reasons include the ability to stop or make any changes in the bank information as well as receiving e-bills and accessing bill and payment history. Finally, the City will be discontinuing the old software which drafts bank information shortly after the new Paymentus system is implemented. Any bank draft customer who does not sign up in Paymentus should make other arrangements to pay the bill or contact the City for assistance.

Q:  I don’t have internet access and am a current bank draft customer. What should I do?
A: Call 919-560-1200 to speak with a Customer Service Representative about your options. They include having a trusted person with internet access set up an account for you, working with your bank to send payment to the City, and various other non-automated payment methods. Keep in mind you must take action to either set up your own autopay from your checking account or use another payment method. Otherwise, when the previous bank draft feature is discontinued, your water service could be disconnected
for nonpayment.

Q:  What if I forget my password?
A: You can get your password reset on the login screen by answering one of the security questions you entered when establishing your profile.

Q:  Where can I get more information?
A:  If you are on the Paymentus screen looking at an item, click on the gray circle with a question mark to get online help. You also can contact the City at 919-560-1200 Monday through Friday between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. or visit