Transformation In Ten Initiative

Reducing Poverty - Neighborhood by Neighborhood, Year by Year

The Transformation in Ten (T2 ) Initiative is a data driven, community-led, collaborative effort to reduce poverty in Durham communities. The Goal of the T 2 Initiative is to leverage resources to reduce poverty — neighborhood by neighborhood, year by year. The T 2 Initiative is currently focused on Census Tract 10.01, Block Groups 2 and 3. This area is bordered by N Plum Street on the west end, Benjamine Street on the east end, Taylor Street on the north end, and E Peabody Street/S Hoover Road on the south end.

Transformation in Ten Initiative consists of representatives from the community, government agencies, local non-profits, and businesses. Six taskforces were formed to develop an agenda and priority to address the issues of poverty, unemployment, and per capita income in Census tract 10.01.

The task forces focus on six strategic directions :






Public Safety

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To learn more about T 2 Initiative, send an email to Tannu Gupta or call 919-560-1647, ext. 34246.

Blockgroups Within Census Tract 10_01