Preventing Water Pollution

In Durham, both our residents and local business have a role to play in preventing pollution. When stormwater flows over parking lots, roofs, and lawns, it collects soil, pesticides, oils, and other pollutants. This water runs down into storm drains which are connected to the City's stormwater pipes. The water then flows directly into the closest water body with any pollutants it has collected. The creeks and streams in Durham carry this polluted water out to our lakes, which are used for drinking water, recreation, and wildlife habitat.

Common Sources of Pollution in Durham

  • Erosion and sediment discharges
  • Petroleum spills
  • Public & private sanitary sewer discharges
  • Vehicle washing discharges

Let us know

If you see or smell oil, chemicals, sewage, yard waste, large amounts of dirt, or anything else that's not just stormwater going down the storm drain, contact us immediately!

Call us anonymously at 919-560-SWIM (7946)

You can also fill out our online form or email us.

Other Ways You Can Prevent Stormwater PollutionWestVillageAfter

  1. Don't overload your sanitary sewer system and scoop your dog's poop!
  2. Pick up litter on walks or adopt a drain.
  3. Don't sweep yard waste into the street. 
  4. Landscape with native plants, rain gardens, and rain barrels.

Contact the Pollution Prevention Coordinator for more information.

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    Stormwater Quality

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    Phone: (919) 560-4326

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