Plan Review for Building Permit Application

To request a plan review or re-review associated with a submitted building permit application, complete a “Cross Connection Plan Review Application” in LDO and submit the $150 fee. All plan reviews will be performed within eight business days of receiving both the application and payment. All questions pertaining to CCC Plan Review should be submitted to [email protected].

Effective 11/1/2017, CCC implemented a $150.00 fee to perform plan review and re-review(s) associated with received building permit applications to the City/County Inspections Department. Your building permit plan review will not be performed by CCC until the following is completed;

  1. Go to apply for a Cross Connection Plan Review Application.
    1. Login by entering your contractor ID and PIN number and press, “Submit.”
    2. Next, click on Applications: Cross Connection Plan Review Application and enter your associated Building Permit number, then press “Submit.”
    3. Select the correct record, then click “Applications and Permits.”
    4. Review all the information pulled over from the linked Building Permit. Enter additional information under the “Application Detail” box including the mandatory “Contact Email” field. This email address will be sent additional information pertaining to the related Building Permit.
    5. Click “Submit.”
    7. Proceed to pay for the CCC Pan Review within LDO.
  2. A message outlining the steps for paying the Cross Connection Plan Review fee will go to the email address you provided in the Cross Connection Plan Review Application.
  3. Once payment has been applied, your plan review will be entered into the “REVIEW” status.
  4. Once CCC has placed your CCC Plan review in the REVIEW status our office has eight (8) business days to review.

Thank you in advance for your patience. 

To check the status of the plans review and approval, click on the link below or copy it into your browser window.

Once on the web page do the following; 

  1. Click on Applications/Permit.
  2. Enter the application/permit number - click on Submit .
  3. Click on Application Approvals (bottom left).

 Please note that plans themselves do NOT need to be submitted to Cross Connection Control with this paperwork.