Most Frequently Found Code Violations


  • Catwalk to unit in attic not installed or not as per code
  • Clearance from unit to combustibles not correct
  • Combustible material in return
  • Concrete blocks supporting unit not mortared
  • Condensate drains not run to outside of building per code
  • Draft stopping not around ducts penetrating ceiling and walls
  • Ducts not properly strapped
  • Gas pipe and gas cut off not according to code
  • Holes through foundation walls not sealed around pipes, lines, and ducts
  • Joints and seams in duct not sealed
  • Less than 1 inch clearance to type B vent
  • No combustion and ventilation air
  • Returns not in proper locations or not one for each level
  • Units not listed for specific application
  • Vent cap location does not meet code


  • Cables not 1 1/4 inch from face of stud
  • Cables stapled on edge
  • GFCI receptacles wired improperly
  • Improper clearance at closet lights
  • Improper length of wire at outlets
  • Nail plates missing
  • Outlet boxes not set at proper depth
  • Outlet spacing incorrect
  • Receptacles not secure at wall surface
  • Running boards needed by cables at attic access


  • Caulking around tub and shower valves on ceramic tile
  • Clean-outs too high and improper at street
  • Fiberglass tubs not properly fastened to studs
  • Gas water heater not vented when called for a final inspection
  • Hose bibs loose
  • Installation instructions are not used for proper connections
  • Vent pipes not extended through the roof 6 inches


  • Anchor bolts missing
  • Block ends of vent-ridge
  • Clean and grade crawl space
  • Corner bracing missing
  • Fire blocking missing
  • Flashing missing porch slab
  • Girder truss nailed improperly
  • Headroom on stairs
  • Studs and joists over notched
  • Support of valley rafters