ST-287 Pavement Condition Survey

Project Manager

Clint Blackburn, EI
Phone: 919-560-4326, ext. 30245

Project Description

The Public Works Department hired Data Transfer Solutions, LLC (DTS) to conduct the study of the streets maintained by the City of Durham.  This study involved driving a van with specialized equipment along the streets to measure defects.  DTS used this data along with the American Society for Testing and Materials Standard (ASTM) for determining a PCI rating for each street segment.  A PCI study is generally performed every four to five years to assess the condition of streets and develop pavement repair recommendations.  The PCI ratings range from 0-100, with zero representing very poor pavement conditions and 100 being a newly paved street.  These PCI ratings in combination with other data, field investigations and engineering judgment will be used to develop the City’s annual asphalt maintenance program.  

Project Status

The project is complete.  The Final Report can be found on the right of this page under Project Information.