City of Durham Brand Elements

Download the official brand elements specifications (PDF).

The brand element specifications should serve as a set of master logo guidelines for any City employee, department, division or program. The specific letter spacing, proportions, and spatial relationships establish the appropriate character of the logo. Therefore, no element of the logo may be changed. Please use the brand elements specifications for exact logo guidance in the above link.

To present a cohesive image, as well as brand for the City organization, it is essential that the logo use be consistent and used as indicated in the brand elements specifications (PDF). For instructions on the proper use of the black & white logos, download the specifications (PDF). It is also important that use of department, division, and program logos connected to the City be clearly identified and owned by the organization, not only for clarity, but also to protect the City’s brand and mission of providing quality services.

Approved Logos

The following are all existing approved logos. No department, division or program should change, update or create any existing or new logos without permission from the Communications Department.

General Logos

There are two general organizational logos - vertical and horizontal - that can be used when a specific department/program/division logo is not needed. Download the logos.

Department Lockups with Existing Logos

There are four departments that have approved logo lockups which incorporate their existing department logos. Download the logos.

  •    Durham Police Department
  •    Durham Fire Department
  •    Durham Emergency Communications Center
  •    Durham Parks and Recreation

Mayor and City Council Logo Lockups

The Office of the Mayor and the Office of the City Council have logo lockups that can be downloaded.


Department Logo Lockups

Other than the four above exceptions, all departments have their logo lockups that can be downloaded.

Program and Division Lockups with Existing Logos

There are five divisions and/or programs that have approved lockups which incorporate their existing logos. Download the logos.

  •    Durham One Call
  •    GoDurham
  •    GoDurham Access
  •    Strategic Plan
  •    Way to Go Durham

Program and Division Lockups

There are nine programs and divisions that have approved logo lockups. Download the logos.

  • Code Enforcement
  • Equitable Community Engagement  
  • HR Connect
  • Human Relations
  • Office on Youth
  • Park Durham
  • Participatory Budgeting
  • Public Art Program
  • Sustainability and Energy Management
  • Vision Zero Durham

City-County Logo Lockups

There are three City-County departments that have approved logo lockups. Download the logos.

  •    Planning
  •    Development Services Center
  •    Inspections

Requesting a Logo for a Division or Program

Prior to requesting permission to create a new logo, please take a moment to read through the City’s Guide to Requesting a New Logo (PDF) to learn about criteria you must meet in order to be eligible for a new logo.

If your request meets these criteria, you may download the Logo Request Application. Please submit your completed form to the Communications Department.

Use of the City logo by external organizations without permission is prohibited. Since the use of the City’s logo implies endorsement, the City logo can only be used when the City is supporting, sponsoring, partnering, funding or endorsing an external organization’s program or event. When the City’s logo is used by an external organization, that organization must provide a proof for review and approval by the Communications Department to ensure the guidelines of this manual are met. Questions regarding this policy should be directed to the Communications Department at (919) 560-4123 or [email protected].

External organizations should be provided with the City’s Quick Guide (PDF) which will allow them to easily access logo packages and specifications.