Site Plan Review Items

Handicap Accessibility Issues

  • Handicap Parking Signage
  • Handicap Van Accessible Space Requirements
  • Regular Handicap Accessible Spaces
  • Slope of Handicap Parking Spaces/Access Aisles
  • Width of Handicap Accessible Spaces (5' or 8')
  • Parking Space Wheel Stops (When Required)
  • Handicap Accessible Curb Cuts
  • Accessible Route From Handicap Parking to Building
  • Paved Handicap Parking, Aisles, and Accessible Route in Graveled Lots (Must be Paved)

Floodplain Requirements

  • 100 Year Flood Plain Delineated and Shaded to Contrast
  • 100 Year Flood Plain Elevation/Panel Number Shown on Site Plan

Federal Fair Housing Requirements

  • Type A and Type B Unit Locations, as Specified in the N.C. Accessibility Code, Distributed Throughout the Project
  • Written Note in the "Special Conditions" Box Stating that "An As-Built Certification From the Designer of Record Attesting that the Site Meets Slope and Access Requirements of the N.C. Accessibility Code Is Required to be Submitted to the Building Inspector Prior to the Issuance of a Certificate of Occupancy
  • Verification of Accessible Routes to all Common Areas and Amenities