2023 CMAQ Bicycle Lanes

The City will be installing 8 miles of bicycle lanes in Durham this Spring with the help of federal CMAQ (Congestion Mitigation and Air Quality) grant funding.  You can find out more about these bicycle lane projects in the map and table below.

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Street Bounds Length (miles)
American Drive Morreene Road to Constitution Dr 0.6
E Cornwallis Road S Roxboro St to Fayetteville Rd 0.7
Fayetteville Street Umstead to Main St 0.7
Lakewood Ave Fayetteville St to Duke St 0.7
Liberty St Dillard St to Miami Blvd 1.6
Meriwether Dr Old Oxford to Carver 0.6
N Miami Blvd Raynor St to Geer St 0.8
Raynor St Liberty St to Miami Blvd 0.2
Stadium Dr/Olympic Ave Roxboro Rd to Horton Rd 2.5

To view a full list of active bicycle and pedestrian projects, please visit our Current Plans and Projects page.

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2022 Bike Projects Map

Map showing location of new bike lanes and bike routes to be installed in 2022