Third Fork Creek Trail--Phase II

John Paces-Wiles,

Senior Construction Project Manager

919-560-4197, ext. 21252


Third Fork Creek Phase II Map

Team Members

DPR and City of Durham Bike/Pedestrian Div.


NC Dept. of Transportation

Current Phase



$2,854,000 Federal grant

$1,608,000 City of Durham

$4,462,000 TOTAL budget


Trail Fact Sheet

Construction starts

~January 2025

Project Description

This bicycle and pedestrian trail will be approximately 1.7 miles long. It will extend Phase I of the Third Fork Creek Trail that was built in 2009 and currently ends at Southern Boundaries Park. The new Phase II trail identified in the City's Trails and Greenways Master Plan, will extend from Southern Boundaries Park north to the American Tobacco Trail. The new extension will connect users to an existing trail network, surrounding neighborhoods, Weaver Street Recreation Center, Weaver Street Park, Cornwallis Road, and the American Tobacco Trail.

American Tobacco Trail @ Otis Street

ATT at Otis Street_1

American Tobacco Trail @ Otis Street

ATT at Otis Street_2

Southern Boundaries Park Walking Trail


Weaver Street Recreation Center Playground