Proclamation Request

What is a proclamation?

A proclamation is an official document issued by the Mayor to commemorate a specific time period (ex. day, week, or month). It brings recognition or awareness to an issue, cause, milestone, or noteworthy event that is relevant and important to Durham. Proclamations are strictly honorary and not legally binding.

What are the guidelines to request a proclamation?

Please consider the following information before submitting a proclamation request. The Office of the Mayor reserves the right to decline any request or make exceptions to these guidelines.

    • Requests should be received two weeks before the requested date and may be rejected if they are not received sooner.
    • Proclamations must hold citywide importance or serve an educational purpose for a significant number of Durham residents.
    • Proclamations will not be issued referencing any territorial or wartime conflicts, celebrations, or victories in foreign countries or commonwealths.
    • Proclamations will not be repeated within a calendar year. Requests that are considered redundant will be declined, and a copy of the original proclamation may be provided instead.
    • Requests for proclamations are not renewed annually and must be submitted each year. Proclamations are issued only upon request, so if a proclamation is important to you or your organization, please request it.
    • Proclamations may not be issued for individuals, birthdays, retirements, weddings, anniversaries, church events, conferences, meetings, or businesses – you may request a letter for these occasions.
    • Proclamations may not be used for advertisement or commercial promotions.
    • Issuance of a proclamation does not indicate or imply a policy endorsement from the Mayor.
    • Any draft language provided may be edited or rewritten at the judgment of the Mayor’s Office. Draft language submitted should be factually accurate and include up-to-date information.

How do I request a proclamation?

Complete the Proclamation Request Form at the bottom of the page. Please include a working telephone number where you can be reached for possible questions or details regarding the information you have provided.

Requests can also be mailed to the City Council Administrative Coordinator, 101 City Hall Plaza, Suite 2400, Durham, NC 27701.  Because of the large volume of requests, we also cannot honor phone requests.


To follow up on a proclamation request, you can reach us at 919-560-4333.

Proclamation Request Form

  1. Method of Delivery*

  2. (or date range if requesting week, month, or year)
  3. Please include all text for the proclamation above. Your draft should have a maximum of 210 words and show the importance and relevance of the proclamation to the people of Durham.

  4. Is the proclamation to be presented at an event?*
  5. Please share date, time and location of event. If the event is virtual, please indicate the platform being utilized (i.e. Zoom, UberConference, WebEx, etc).

  6. Is the proclamation to be presented at a City Council meeting?*
  7. If not requesting a Council meeting, indicate N/A.

  8. This person will be provided 3-minutes to make remarks after the proclamation is read, either in person or virtually by Zoom.

    If not requesting a Council meeting, indicate N/A.

  9. If not requesting a Council meeting, indicate N/A.

  10. Policy Reminder:
    Requests are honored at the Mayor’s discretion. The Mayor reserves the right to decline any proclamation request or edit any draft language. Requests for proclamations to be presented at council meetings are also approved at the discretion of the Mayor.
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